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Why people should care about using recycled plastics
We use tons of plastics everyday. Most people may not know that the majority of the plastics we use are made from oil, coal and coal. This does not only consume our limited natural resources but also produces CO2 emissions. So it is commonsense that we should reduce the use of plastics. The question is how?

We learnt from our childhood that we should 'recyclable' rubbish into the yellow top bin. It is absolutely right to do that. But do we know where the 'recyclable' rubbish goes?

These materials are usually pre-sorted, and then sold to manufacturers to make new, useful materials, hence reducing the use of raw materials are are needed for the production.

What you probably do not know though, is that such recycled rubbish used to be packed in containers and shipped to China for further processing. Unfortunately, the Chinese government recently banned he import of recyclable rubbish to their country. The consequence is that the rubbishes are stock piled in Australia without finding a buyer. If they are not used, they will have to be put into the landfill. Not only a waste but also a heavy burden to our earth.

What can we do then?

Obviously, as an ordinary person we have little influence to the policies of the governments. However, there are things we can contribute to make things better.

One is to continue to put your used plastic bottles into the yellow top bin. If you do not do that there is no chance for them to be recycled at all.

There is something else you can also do and you probably are not doing. By doing that, you will make a difference.

That is, when you shop anything with a plastic packaging, always make sure that the packaging material, like the bottle, is not only made of recyclable materials, but also of 100% recycled materials. By doing so, you know that whatever you use has not put an extra burden on our environment.

There are some environmentally responsible consumer products manufacturer who are doing their bit to use 100% recycled materials. One example is Natures Organics, which is the largest household and personal cleaning products manufacturer of Australia, with brands like Earth Choice, Organic Care, Purity, Fruits, Australian Pure etc.. The majority of the plastic bottles they use are manufactured by themselves and they are committed to using 100% recycled plastics.

So when you go to shop your groceries next time, check that the plastic packaging is "100% recycled". By doing so you are doing something good for the earth and for Australia. You are also supporting the manufacturers who are doing the right thing.
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